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Home buyers who assume they can go it alone are often surprised at the level of effort it takes to locate a decent home and go through the buying process without an agent. Our first post covered several great reasons why a buyer should always hire a representing agent, and here are several more:


Put You in Touch with Their Network

Not only are buyer’s agents great at networking when it comes to home viewings and finding “secret” listings, but their talents at working with people extend to many services you could need. A great agent with knowledge of the local scene can often point you towards:

  • A good local mortgage lender
  • A quality homeowners insurance provider
  • A building inspector to ensure that the home you buy will be a good investment
  • A title company for property surveying or title insurance
  • A highly-recommended local school
  • Utility company contacts
  • Closing and escrow agents

Tracking down all of these parties on your own can be exhausting, and you have no guarantees that the ones you found have a solid reputation. Buyer’s agents’ abilities to introduce you to fellow friends in the home industry can make your whole buying process that much easier.


Assist You with Offers and Closing

Making a home offer is one of the most crucial steps in home buying. Giving the wrong sort of offer could derail the whole process.

A buyer’s agent will be able to help you look at the comparable Fleetwood real estate properties in the area in order to come up with a fair but competitive offer. Since offers are usually made on homes you have your heart set on, a helping hand that ensures you do not slip up and miss out can be invaluable.

Closing is another complicated element of home buying. Arranging all the parties and getting all of the documents in order is a logistical nightmare. Buyer’s agents can get all of your documentation in order and make sure every t is crossed and i dotted so that when you sign for your home, it will be yours for sure.


They Work for Free!

Technically, buyer’s agents do not work for free, but since the buyer does not owe them a dime, it can feel like that. Buyer’s agents are paid with a portion of the home sale. Their role is seen as helping the home get sold, just like the listing agent does. When the home sale is completed, the seller must pay the buyer’s agent around one to three percent (often 2.5 percent) of the sale as commission.

Anyone who wants a little help in the buying process can get it at virtually no cost since the home price is usually lower or equal to the seller’s listing price in the first place. To learn more about how valuable buyer’s agents are, visit our buying page.



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