Summer is here — at least, unofficially. The end of May usually kicks off the season for celebration and community gatherings. Among these are cookouts. It can be a lot of fun to extend your planned event to your whole community.

Block parties or neighbourhood cookouts are a great way to get to know the neighbors while enjoying the summer weather and showing off your Fleetwood real estate. Here are some tips for hosting a great neighborhood cookout.


Get the Word Out

Gather contact information and email addresses and spread the word to build excitement. Post flyers and plan activities. Be sure to talk it over with your neighbors so that anyone who does not want to be involved won’t be inconvenienced. The more you spread the word, the better your cookout will go.


Have a Plan

Decide what activities you want to involve and build a plan to get them going. Call in help from friends, family and neighbours. Establish play zones for the kids. Determine who can host events like softball games, volleyball, Frisbee, lawn bowling or water games. Above all, have a central area where the food will be laid out.

Create a map so that everyone who attends knows where they can find the fun stuff going on. Take the layout of your community into account and try to plan around those who may not want to be involved. The key is to provide the maximum amount of fun while respecting all of your neighbors.


Prepare a Potluck

Having the cookout be a potluck can save money and create a stunning spread for your community to enjoy food. Get people to commit to bring various dishes and prepare a menu which you can pass out with your communications. With everyone contributing, it’s easy to build a sense of community spirit and participation.

Set up a buffet in your central area and don’t forget to establish a flow of traffic so people aren’t all crowding around one dish!



Music is vital to a great block party. Is there a band in your neighbourhood? This could be a great time for them to show off their skills. If you have live music, it’s a good idea to have a way for people to tip the band. Remember, musicians are artists plying a trade, and live bands will appreciate people tossing money in that guitar case.

If live music isn’t an option, gather suggestions from your neighbuors for a playlist. Mix it up so there’s something to fit everyone’s tastes. Consider mixing in summer-themed music from all genres from classical to modern rock and dance music. You can cover everything from Mozart to Brian Adams and Don Henley to Will Smith in your playlist!

A summer party is a great way to create camaraderie and a sense of community spirit through your neighbourhood. You can make friends and have a great time in the process. If you are looking to move to a great community, check out our Fleetwood information and give us a call today!

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Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. Even if the purchase is your second, third or fourth new property, the feeling of moving into a blank slate that you can customize to make it your own is thrilling and fun. Many people, however, struggle with basic decoration and flow ideas. The answer to this can be hiring an interior decorator. Here are some benefits to using a professional designer to decorate your new home.


Time Savings

We are all busy these days. The stresses of balancing home with work and your social calendar can be tough even without having to organize your new space. An interior designer can save you tons of time by taking care of these problems for you. With your input, the designer can choose the right furniture, color patterns, themes and arrangement for your home, saving you time to continue to enjoy your life.


Value Savings

Interior decorators create value, but not just in a monetary sense. They know how to optimize the space in your home. By organizing and arranging storage, furniture, shelving, art and other decorations, the designer will maximize the flow of your home. When you host parties, business functions or just relax in your home you can be assured that your personal sense of aesthetics and taste will be represented in the best use of space possible.


Viewing the Big Picture

The first time you enter your new place, it can be very intimidating. The rooms are cavernous and empty, the walls are bare and white. You’re not even sure if the carpeting should stay or go. A professional decorator can walk into your home and immediately see the big picture. They know right away the options available and they can instantly start forming options in their mind. This sort of clarity of vision will result in a quicker, more efficient process for unpacking and moving in.


Professionalism and Networking

So you want to re-paint, get new carpeting and pick up new shelving units for the home. You may want to reface the kitchen and bathroom or spruce up the hardwood floors. Where do you go to find what you need?

Interior designers are professionals with lots of experience in this game. This means that they have a network of contacts to whom they can reach out. No matter what your needs might be, your designer probably knows where to get just the right stuff.


Creative Thinking

One cannot be an interior designer without being creative. These men and women know how to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to unique problems. If you have a room that is oddly-shaped, a designer will see that as a feature rather than a bug. They can create a stunning first impression for anyone who walks into your new Fleetwood real estate.


Are you ready to purchase new Fleetwood home? We are ready to help! Take a look at our page for new buyers, and contact us to get into your dream home today. 

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When getting ready to sell your Fleetwood real estate, first impressions are everything. As much as we would love to think that people can see through imperfections to the potential underneath, people do judge books by their covers. Staging your home will ensure that you get the most interest from potential buyers to sell your home quickly. Here are a few easy home staging ideas.


Pack Up the Personal Goods

You are preparing to move anyway, so now is the perfect time to start packing. Any personal knick-knacks or items that are tied to your personal sense of style should be packed and stored away. These items might mean the world to you, but it is important to remember that you are showing off your home’s potential, not your sense of style.

Photos and artwork, especially, should be taken down and packed away, as should items that are heirlooms. If you leave any decorations up, make sure they are traditional, classic, and have broad appeal.


Clear the Clutter

While you are un-decorating your home, clear out the clutter. This will allow potential buyers to see the bones of the home and view it as a blank canvas they can see themselves occupying. This is difficult when you are emotionally attached to your things, but focus on a blank and bare floor plan. It’s a temporary arrangement; you’ll be able to pull your things back out when you move into your new space.


Make it Neutral

Be sure that each room shows off its purpose and is arranged for the best flow. In addition, consider giving the place a paint job. Use neutral colors and earth tones to give off the best vibe. Take the opportunity to fill and spackle settlement cracks and get rid of limited-appeal features like texture paint and popcorn ceilings. This takes some effort, but it will make your whole home feel clean and new. You may also consider bringing in professionals to replace those old, dirty carpets with something fresh.


Clean and Freshen

Give the entire house a thorough scrub-down. Dust all of the furniture, walls, ceilings and corners. Deodorize the home using scented candles, plug-in or even spray air fresheners. Stay on top of the cleanliness until the home is sold. No matter the age of your home or how high-end it may be, keep it feeling like it is brand new.


Curb Appeal

The exterior of your house is truly the cover by which your book will be judged. Keep your lawn neatly manicured and cut. Be sure the flower beds are free of weeds and arranged with bright, colorful flowers. Trim the hedges and keep the driveway and sidewalk clear of clutter. Be sure the house number can be seen from the street. If necessary, bring in professionals to pressure wash the home’s exterior so that it looks bright and new.

If you are looking to sell your Fleetwood home, check out our sellers’ page and contact us to get started today!

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When you are ready to sell your Fleetwood real estate, you want to have all of your facts in order. Knowing everything you can about your property will help you to negotiate the best sale. In addition to comparable sales prices in the area, it can be very helpful to have a home evaluation done. Here are some ways that a home evaluation can help you sell your house faster and at the best price.


What Is an Evaluation?

A home evaluation, or home appraisal, is an estimate of a home’s value conducted by a licensed professional. This person will account for market conditions, comparable sales in the area and all of the features of the property, including upgrades and enhancements. This evaluation will give you a good idea of what you can ask for, when putting your home on the market.


Is it Required?

Legally, an appraisal is not required to sell your home. However, there are many advantages to having an appraisal done. Without an evaluation, you will likely have to search the web for what sale price properties you deem similar to yours have gotten. You may also ask your real estate agent for their opinion.

The problem is that other homes may have sold a year or more ago, and the market may have changed since then. The homes you research may have different features inside. They may have different upgrades and different property issues.


The Savvy Buyer

One of the biggest reasons to have a home evaluation performed is that your potential buyers may do so. Often when the time comes to have a home inspection, the buyer will also bring in an appraiser to conduct an evaluation of the home’s value. This can give your buyer a lot of leverage when negotiating the price.

In short, not having your own evaluation done can put you at a disadvantage in getting the best price for your home. At very least, having an appraisal can help you avoid unpleasant surprises once the home goes on the market.


The Lender Factor

Some mortgage companies, banks and other lenders will demand an evaluation before approving a mortgage. In some cases, the lender will even want to use their own approved appraiser. Normally, the buyer will pay for this appraisal and it can happen after the offer is made. If you have your own evaluation done, you may be able to challenge the findings of another evaluator if the determined value is less than what you feel it should be.

In any case, it is a smart idea to have an evaluation on hand to help your potential buyer when the time comes to negotiate price. Indeed, if the issue of the lender demanding an evaluation arises, your potential buyer could see it as a perk if you can instantly offer one up.

If you would like to have an evaluation done for your Fleetwood home, take a look at our home evaluation contact form to get started today. 

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