If you are in need of Condos for sale in Fleetwood Surrey then it is time that you read on the blog and gather information that you are looking for. 


As a person decides to try purchasing a condo unit, the first thing they do is look through the varied advertisements. To be honest this is one of the most common mistakes that maximum condo buyers generally make. Prior to looking at units, varied preparations have to be made which can be very important while you go for purchasing a condo.


Approaching Condos For Sale in Fleetwood Surrey



Since the yester years individuals have always said information is the key and looking at condos for sale is not really a difference. Prior to visiting different units all you need to do is hire an experienced realtor. He or she will take up the onus of providing you with valuable information and make you understand the legal procedures of going about with the task.


Another person whom you need by your side is a lawyer. You must be wondering, what is the need for hiring a lawyer relating to Condos for sale in Fleetwood Surrey? The obvious answer to the question there are varied legal issues that crop up during the process of buying and selling. In order to resolve these matters all you need to do is avail the service of a lawyer who could help you out with the legal issues.


The thing to consider relating to Homes for Buying Selling in Surrey



Another question that really haunts the mind of individuals is, how shall I get in touch with a professional realtor? There are various answers to it. One of the most common answers is, you could go for word of mouth referral. You can ask your friends or your relatives those who have availed the services in the past. They would provide you a crystal clear idea of what to do and what not to do.


At the same time you can check the website of the concerned realtor relating to homes for buying and selling in Surrey and get a grab of their availability and how they operate. The website provides you detailed information about the authenticity of the particular realtor. At the final stages you can indeed check out Google reviews from where you can make out how the company behaved with the past clients.

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Canada is one of the countries that have turned out to be one of the most sought out destinations in the Northern Hemisphere. It has been a major sphere for trade and commerce and off course a appealing tourist destination. The geographical location and the climate of the country have lured several individual to seek for a better career in this [part of the world. One of the most valued professions that have cropped up in the country is real estate market. Several individuals have invested in real estate business and have made enormous progress. Listed below are the approaches of finding out the best realtor relating to home for buying and selling in Surrey.


Word of mouth referral relating to Homes for Buying Selling Surrey


Firstly you need to ask your friends and relatives about their opinion. How they felt after using the service from a particular service provider. More importantly you need indeed get a get a grab relating to the prices that were being quoted by the particular service provider.


Checking out the website relating to Homes and Condos For Sale in Fleetwood Surrey


Since we are living in the world of technological progression, it is very much a necessity that all business service providers would be having a website as an individual you should be taking up the onus of visiting the website and get a detail grab about the services. More importantly you would be having a clear idea of what the services are.

Checking out the reviews-


All you need to do is, check out the reviews relating to Homes and Condos For Sale in Fleetwood Surrey of the customers. A good and positive review is something which is sure to motivate you and make you go forward in availing the service.


Dropping in physically to the concerned location


If you are having some extra amount of time in hand then you can drop in to the office and have a direct face to face contact with the owner.


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While you may be surrounded by multiple options when it comes to choosing Homes for Buying and Selling in Surrey, it is of utmost importance that you exercise due diligence and seek our expert opinion in order to get the right pick for you.


Scouting for probably residential opportunities has never been an easy task but you shall be amazed approaching towards Homes for Buying and Selling in Surrey has never been easy, but we make it look like a child’s play with the decades of expertise, acquaintances, familiarity and in to know that this is where we excel at! -depth knowledge we possess concerning this particular area. While there might be countless Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey, we know which ones are right for you, justified as per your needs and correct as per your requirements. While Surrey has always been a great place to live in, with its understanding and caring neighbors, the enriched geography, the diversified cultural and social events, the widespread ethnic and community programs, the enthralling culinary options, the flourishing nature, the ravishing surroundings; everything little and small things makes Surrey what is and beckoning and lucrative enough to be garnering demand and attention among locals and interested patrons.


Why Us


1)      Years of industry experience

2)      Aware of in-depth terrestrial plans and the homes and condos in this area.

3)      Going to the extra-mile to make sure the effort put up is noticeable by others.

4)      Highly trustworthy and we always keep up to our commitments.

5)      Fair and Transparent dealings.

6)      Aware of the needs and requirements of the customers.

7)      Always pitching and negotiating on the best of properties.


Choosing the right Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey

While you may be surrounded by multiple and numerous options when it comes to choosing Homes for Buying and Selling in Surrey, it is of utmost importance that you exercise due diligence and seek our expert opinion in order to get the right pick for you. For instance, you may not wish to take up a property far away from your office, unless you are retired and wish to live a secluded and isolated life away from the grill and buzz of the main locality. You may wish to take up a property, somewhere in the middle of the town so as to stay connected and avail easy communication and transportation options in order to easily commute from one part of the town to the other. Furthermore, while selling a property, you must ensure that it is not going to fall in the wrong hands and your property may just be given to individuals or families who will actually take care of your beloved possession which you carefully maintained and nurtured for time eternal. There are several other nitty-gritty involved in such technicalities which we are used to deal with on regular basis and hence we always deliver the best of our services to any and all of our beloved patrons.

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The ultimate guide to deal with Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey is very tricky. One just needs to get hold of the right real estate company, and the rest is good to be true.


If you have decided to purchase or sell Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey, look no more. We are here to be of assistance. Having a solid and secured market experience, with being related to the real estate industry involving Homes for Buying and Selling in Surreyfor quite some time now, we have all the information, tit-bits and trivia you may need to know. Being one of the largest cities in British Columbia, this place has been seeing a sharp rise in the population willing to reside here or work here. Alongside, there has been a gradual rise in the real estate companies willing to assist in the process of buying and selling in the lieu of some goodwill and commission. While the so-called proposals may seem lucrative and beckoning, such cherry tomatoes often come with hidden terms and conditions willing to bite you in due course of time.


How to search for Homes for Buying and Selling in Surrey


You can easily find several homes and condos built across the length and breadth of the entire city, but mostly they are sold or just going to be sold.  It is again not easy to search for a property or even prospective clients in order to sell a house with the busy schedule most of us intends to follow. The tight work schedule makes it completely impossible to devote much time. However, with professional and dedicated real estate companies, such devout scouring becomes very easy for the people. Not only do we know which properties may suit you as per your needs and requirements, we also are aware of any prospective buyer willing to purchase a home or condo relating to the specification of the property you want to sell. We know which property would be closer to your office. We know which property is away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday melodramatic life and which property basks on the glory of livelihood and muzzled actions all around the day. The ultimate guide to deal with Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey is very tricky. One just needs to get hold of the right real estate company, and the rest is good to be true.

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The whole idea of buying and selling the houses can be extremely confusing if you are not aware of the real estate market well. As a matter of fact, it proves to be a daunting task even for the experienced buyers and sellers at times. This is why it is extremely crucial to get in touch with the right real estate agent while going ahead to deal with the homes for buying selling in Surrey. These agents would be the ideal people provide you with the updated information on the homes and condos and their respective MLS Listings in Surrey. However, it is true that all the good properties are sold off way too soon and it is thus very important to take the right decision at the right time.


Right Pricing of the Homes for Buying Selling in Surrey

Pricing is the key element when it comes to property transaction. The right price would ensure that both the buyer and seller do not incur losses while commencing the deal and the property does not stay for too long in the market. Careful budget estimations must be made by the buyer as well. An unbiased agent is the one person who can help his client to fix up the right value of a particular property without compromising on the other important aspects.


Customers are Priority

A good real estate agent dealing with the different homes for buying and selling in Surrey must always prioritize his customers at the superior level. A real estate agent, who takes care of both the buying and selling, must do so in an unbiased manner. However, the biggest advantage of hiring such a person is that he would have all the information of even the properties which are yet to be listed. This extra bit can make a lot of difference in finding your dream home.


Finding a Reliable Agent

Today, there are a lot of real estate agents who are registered with the different realtor associations, but it is equally true that not all of them can deliver the best quality of work. Honesty, integrity and dedication towards the profession are something that is extremely important for a realtor to deliver the best. Thus, finding the right realtor may be a little difficult but definitely something worth the investment.

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Moving to a completely different city has its own hassle, especially when housing is concerned. A lot of money is shed if you are not careful about things since the very beginning of things. However, you can always decrease the costs by considering the very affordable Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey. As a matter of fact, these properties have some of the best deals for every person to afford.


Elements of Short Sales of Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey

Short sales of Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey happen generally when the owner of the same cannot afford to take care of it anymore and meet his mortgage obligations at the same time. This is when he would approach the lenders and buyers to sell off his property.


However since the amount so received on short sales is quite lower than the original price of the concerned property, it becomes extremely grueling for the owner of the property to recover the outstanding debt he is supposedly into. Thus, you need to find the best real estate agent in Surrey so that you can have a fair recovery of your entire cost.

The real estate agent would be instrumental enough to play a significant role in reducing the mortgage deficiency with ease and help his client to get the right price for his property, without having to compromise on any of the elements important for the property to be a suitable one. He can help you get better ratings and credits on the property and enhance the purchasing quality of the same, so that once it goes into the market, it would find its competitive streak amongst the others.


They would also play a pivotal role in marketing the property with utmost enthusiasm, vigor and zeal. The information is dispersed amongst the reliable sources and the property is listed under the guarantee of the licensed real estate agent. These agents would do what it takes to find the best purchaser for the owner and vice versa. All you need to do is hire the best one for your job.

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In the current times, most of us remain busy building their career for ensuring a better future for themselves. In this process, many forget their dream that they wanted to live their life in a beautiful home without any stress. At the same time, even if some people thinks about fulfilling their dream then also it gets delayed due to lethargy, work pressure, and other external elements. However, many also do not know that nowadays finding homes and condos for sale in Fleetwood Surrey is an easy task without any stress. If you do not have time to search for your dream house then you can hire real estate agents who will make sure to find the right property that matches your imagination. It is true, hiring real estate agents has numerous benefits and we do not need to stress ourselves for it.

However, it is also important to find the best realtor so that you can get quality service in finding the house of your dreams.


Choosing real estate agent for finding Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey



  • One of the easiest ways to search for the best real estate agents in the current times is to get recommendations from different people from their experience. You can ask your neighbors, friends, and also office colleagues’ foe getting suggestions regarding the reputed agencies in the current times. Discussing with different people is going to help you get lots of information about the affordable agencies in the city. You will also come to know about the ill-reputed ones that provide bad services to their clients.


  • Start exploring the internet and you will find websites of many agencies waiting for clients like you. Check the websites of the company to see the services they provide to their clients. Even you can check the listing of the properties that a particular agency has on their list. In this way, exploring many companies it becomes easier to compare one with another and choose the ones with better facilities.


  • Before you are choosing a real estate agent for searching homes for buying selling Surrey then make sure to look into their experience before you take any decision. Knowing the experience of the agency or the agents is really important because the ones with more experience would have more knowledge in this field and advise you the best for your future benefit.


Last but not the least thing that you should keep in mind is the reviews because it reveals the quality of their services in reality. Once you are satisfied with the reviews then you can choose the ones based on your priorities and needs.

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find the best real estate agent Surrey

In the contemporary times, we cannot disagree with the fact that real estate agent is very important when it comes to buying or selling of properties. Even if someone disagreeing with it would not change the truth that there are significant advantages of hiring real estate services for finding a quality property or for selling it. Hiring an agent helps us to stay safe from fraud individuals waiting to make a fool out of innocent people. At the same time, they will advise you about investing in properties whose price are going to rise without any hindrance. Also, they have great negotiating skills that help a client to get the best deal under an affordable budget.


Top tips to find the best realtor agent in Surrey


  • An easy way to find quality realtor service in your area is to ask your neighbors, friends, and even office colleagues for recommendations. They will provide you the right suggestion and names from their past experience. Discussing with different people also helps in staying away from frauds and ill-reputed agencies in the market. You will also come to get references about the agencies that provide quality services at affordable rates.


  • In order to find the best real estate agent Surrey it is also important to check on the internet because there are many agencies advertising their services on the internet. Checking the website allows you to know about the type of services they provide to the clients. Also, you will be able to check the listing of the properties that are up for sale in the current market. Even you will find their phone number and you can call them for more information.


  • Always check the experience of the agency before hiring their service. You must know whether they have experience in this field or not. The best way to know this would be to talk to their representatives or even visit their office for getting answers to your queries. This is one of the most important ways to find best realtor agent in Surrey.

Last but not the least thing, is that you should never forget to check the reviews that they received from their earlier clients. It is better to hire that agency which has good reviews for your benefit and satisfaction. 

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Finding good homes and condos for sale in Surrey in excellent condition can be really a tedious and daunting task. If you are not that familiar with your vicinity, then you might face a hell lot of challenges in searching the right property. Apart from that there are manifold problems that can be only tackled if you consult with an experienced realtor in your region.

Find the best real estate agent in Surrey to locate the right homes and Homes and Condos For Sale in Fleetwood Surreycondos for sale in the city


Whether you are new to the city or already lived in Surrey for a couple of years, it is not always possible for any one of us to spend or find time and search homes and condos for sale in Surrey. In such cases, you must find a reputed realty broker and find a dream home for yourself.


There can be numerous condos or homes for sale in the region. But you may not know which one will fit your accommodation needs and budget. In order to find the most perfect homes or condors in your region, you must speak to us. We have earned a lot of fame and reputation for selling condos and budget homes in the region. We understand your property needs and try to act accordingly.


The real estate agent with a difference


We have been in this business for some time now. Yet we enjoy this profession and do every possible thing to make you happy and satisfied. We make sure that you end up purchasing the most perfect and affordable home for you. We even go ahead in making it to be your dream abode where you and your beloved ones can live in tranquility and happiness.


If you are looking for someone who has been felicitated with numerous rewards and certificates, then think of Neeraj Sood, the most talented and experienced property dealer in the region. We, at Remax, are focused to make every property deal successful, that too on time. For us, our customers stand first and hence our delivery system has been designed to ensure that all homes and condos for sale in Surrey are handed over to their respective owners on time. Our marketing strategy is also different from others. We never pat on our back to get recognition. It is our customer’s feedback and reviews that have boosted us to work brilliantly and make a difference.


Sharp market analysis, updating the property listings on a routine basis and regular communication with our potential and existing clients have helped us in achieving what we have achieved now. Count on us for a comprehensive property deal, within time and within your budget. Call us now to know more!

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Trying to find a good property deal without anybody’s help is a thought that everybody would like to recline from in the contemporary times. The reason is that we do not have so much amount of time to find the right property deal according to our choice and desires. At the same time, we are also aware of the fact that it takes a lot of effort to accomplish this task successfully.


However, we do not have the required experience and knowledge in this case that acts very useful to get a good deal. These are the reasons why hiring a realtor is important in the contemporary times.

On the other hand, are you aware of the ways to find the best realtor agent in Surrey?


To Find the Best Realtor Agent, You Need to...


  • Try getting recommendations

This tactic is something that we follow in any case when we want to get information about something that we need. Hence, when you are searching for a quality realtor agent then asking your neighbors, your friends, as well as your office colleagues, is a good idea to know about the top realtors in your area. Since they might have hired a realtor at some point of time in their life; therefore they will be able to point out the best ways to go ahead with your plan to find the best real estate agent Surrey. Even they may also provide you with some names of good realtors in your locality.


  • Take the help of the internet

Nowadays, the internet has the answers to all the questions and problems we have in our life. So if you are searching for quality realtors in the current times then searching on the internet is the best option for you. There are lots of websites of different real estate agencies who are waiting for clients just like you. Go through the various websites and know the type of their services as well as the rates they charge for their services to get a general idea.


  • Look for their experience

Knowing their experience is important to ensure that they can get you good deals in a particular area. It also gives an idea regarding their negotiating skills as well as their knowledge in this field. Those with vast experience are known to have better listings, good connections with different other agents that help in bringing the best deals to their clients.


  • Check their reviews

The last yet the most important thing to keep in mind are checking the reviews of the realtor agent companies that help to understand the quality of their services. The reviews posted by the earlier clients can alter your decision to hire a realtor agent as well as just the opposite. If there are lots of bad reviews then it is better to check the next realtor website that has good reviews for their services.

In conclusion, make sure to call the realtor agent or visit their office before hiring them because discussing with them is essential before coming to a conclusion.

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It is a gospel truth that in the current times, it is very hard to buy or sell a property by ourselves. The reason being neither do we have experience in this field nor we have enough time to invest in searching for good and profitable property deal. In that case, hiring the services of a real estate agent is a benefiting option to avail instead of going through so much hassle. Also, a real estate agent has all the information of the rates in the current market as well the best properties that we are seeking for our need.


In that case, choosing the best real estate agent is also important because we cannot compromise when it comes to buying or selling a property. Selecting a professional and honest real estate agent is significant for the fact we do not have knowledge about the best Homes and Condos for Sale in Surrey and we would want the best professional to help us in this regard.

Things to consider while choosing the best real estate agent in the current market


  • Get recommendations from experienced people

The easiest way to get information about reputed and good real estate agent can be had by asking people who have had already hired their services before. That can be your office colleague, your close friend, neighbor as well as your relative. Hence, asking them about the best real estate agent in the current market will benefit you with some good suggestion and information about the best real estate professional in the contemporary times.


  • Exploring the online world

Another easy way to know about good real estate agencies for Homes and Condos for Sale in Fleetwood Surrey is the internet since the online world is filled with domains of various real estate companies that are looking for clients like you. Therefore, checking through the different real estate agent will help you get a nice idea about real estate agent, their rates of commission and their style of doing work and even you will be able to compare the facilities that each agent is giving to you with the others.


  • Looking at the clients testimonials

To know the quality of the service of the real estate agency it is better to check the testimonials given by the earlier clients but since that also can be falsely given then checking the review websites allows knowing the truth in real. The agencies with lots of negative reviews given by the earlier clients are better to avoid but checking the agencies that has got good and satisfactory reviews is something to dig deeper and know more. 

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Condos or Condominiums as they are popularly known as is indeed a different concept. Just like the regular ads like Flats for sale in Surrey, Homes & condos for sale in Surrey have also started popping up. Here are a few things that you need to take into consideration prior to investing in homes or condos.


Know what condo is


Since the term condo bears special resemblance to several types of accommodations, it is often misunderstood. Condo in its real form simply means a shared ownership of a real estate property which means a condo can take any physical form, though the most common is in the form of clustered apartments. In nutshell, Condo means a specific portion of the property that is individually owned while there is a joint ownership of other parts and facilities.


Does Condo Living Suits You


Condos are recommended for people seeking to spend their retired life. Also people who would like to spend their vacations in a specific place, buying a condo is indeed a better option than buying a single family home, since they don’t have to think about maintenance and other additional works around home when they are away. In cities like Surrey, where there is huge population, Condo living is a great proposition for families who wish to spend their vacation in Home Town.


Ownership cost


The purchase price is not the ownership cost only. You need to spend more on yearly maintenance and other fees as decided by the association from time to time. Any kind of development expenditure in the future will be shared by the residents. Check out MLS Listings Surrey prior to making an investment.


Additional Factors


In addition to other factors, one needs to look into things that are common for buying any type of property including the builder’s repute, years in the business, setting and legal compliances. It is advised that you compare at least 5 similar projects rather than focusing on a single property. This comparison gives you ample choice and helps you make a well informed decision.

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Home owners obviously deserve ‘a good life’ where Life is not just the four walls but beyond…


Home for buying or selling in Surrey in the face of stiff competition is highly daunting especially when you are planning to draw potential buyers to property viewings. You obviously need to formulate a complete marketing strategy and be realistic about your initial market price. However, before you show your property to any potential buyers it is important to ensure that you put attention to minute details.


Finding The Best Real Estate Agent in Surrey


Be Optimistic and feel at ease throughout the home or the condo selling process if you want to be successful! Remember, in order to beat the competition, you need your property to be the best one out there. Sell your home or condo in record time to the right buyer for the best price with these simple tips.


Accentuate The Positive


Put spotlights on your home’s best features while downplaying its weak areas. Create a welcoming ambiance that is easy for buyers to see as their own. Hire an expert stager or you can ‘Do it yourself’. It is well worth your time and money.


Image works wonder


As per the Real Estate Research, images are the vital things that grab maximum attention. Hence, schedule your photo shoot for a time of the day when there is ample light and make sure every room looks picture perfect.


Price It Right


If you want to be successful selling your Surrey property, price it at what the market is willing to pay. Remember your home is worth what buyers will pay and that’s plain & simple. So put your home up for sale and earn top dollars.


Bottom Line


So, what are you waiting for? Find the best real estate agent in Surrey today who can help prepare Home for sale. With the right agent you can get top dollar for your home even when time is limited.

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Surrey is recognized as one of the most vibrant cities for buying and selling homes & condos. Frankly speaking the real estate market in Brampton mostly comprises of condos, apartment and houses with all sorts of facilities. If you are planning to get the best deals in the market, it is important to search for the best Realtor agent in Surrey. There are good deal of individuals who are not at all familiar with the process of buying & selling property. It is when agents come to your rescue helping in buying homes and condos for sale in Surrey. They make every possible effort to transform your dream into reality.


A glimpse at some of the handpicked tips of finding the best sales representatives in Surrey


Initiate a background check- In order to find the best realtor agent in Surrey; it is important to do a meticulous research about the repute and knowledge of the agent in the domain. If need be you can ask for references from your near and dear ones. Make sure you search for a recommended agency in a bid to get the best offers.


Once you are finished with the foundation checking of the land specialist, the following enormous thing would be to guarantee that your operator has great relational abilities. Select a specialist who pays heed to your words and offer quality to your requirements. It is through powerful and effective correspondence with the realtor, you would have the capacity to turn out fruitful in finding the best property bargains. The operator will keep you redesigned about the property and the arrangements.


Prior to selecting the best realtor in Surrey it is important to read the agreement carefully. Do read the Terms and Conditions with due diligence. Take as much time as is needed to flip through each part of the agreement and on the off chance that you run over any inquiries with respect to the same, do don't hesitate to inquire.


To finish up, in order to locate the best Realtor agent in Surrey, you ought to converse with an expert real estate agent.

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While some buyers think that it is a waste to invest in a real estate agent service for their fees but they hardly know that an agent can make the journey a smooth and relaxing experience. Yes, it is very much true because of the fact that buying and selling a house can actually be a very complicated and arduous task but hiring a real estate agent can make it easier within an affordable sum of money. The following reasons highlight the facts about why you need to find the best real estate agent Surrey for buying or selling a property.


Top reasons that explain why you need a real estate agent


  • Wise insight

An agent can provide wise insights into matter related to buying and selling a property which a neighbor or a friendHomes & Condos For Sale in Surrey would not be able to help you about it. On the other hand, carrying out all this by you may not assure a fruitful conclusion for your needs and requisites. Hence, hiring a real estate agent is a better idea than considering any other options that cannot incur profitable results.


  • Good negotiators

The second reason to hire a real estate agent is because they are experienced in this field and they can act as a good negotiator on your behalf. The benefit is that they focus on maximizing your profit and ensures that all your needs and requisites are met properly. Their importance becomes essential when bargaining for the price with the opposite purchaser or buyer becomes difficult to come at comfortable terms.


  • Deep market knowledge

A real estate agent has a deep market knowledge regarding the Homes & Condos for Sale in Surrey. Hence, if you are hiring their services then you will be able to get an idea of the whole market as well as the comfortable places where you can easily get a perfect property deal. They have vast experience and connections to get you the desired property deal without any hindrance.


  • Make the complications simple

Well, hiring a real estate agent has lots of benefits and their connections in the industry are among one of them. In the process of purchase or selling a property involves a lot of legal works that includes hiring lawyers as well as mortgage lenders and many other things that needs attention. In that case, a real estate agent does all the work while you sit back at home waiting for the profitable conclusion of the deal. An agent makes you feel nothing of the arduous task which they do it on your behalf and for the best of your interest.


Now that you are aware of the best reasons to hire real estate agents then make sure to avail their services because you would not like to compromise on your property which holds the happiness of your future.

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There is nothing more exhilarating than finding a great abode that you can live in comfortably - your own place to call home. Every place offers its own irreplaceable characteristics which you might fancy based on your own sole interests. One of the utmost benefits of owning a condo is that you have a modish place to call home, situated conveniently so you don't have far to get to job or leisure activities, and there are a lot of great amenities incorporated.


Now, if you want to find homes & condos for sale in Surrey, you must remember a few points so that you don’t spoil you time and wealth investing on a wrong property.


Homes & Condos with modern spaces!


Modern spaces are not just aesthetic! There is something sparkling and contented about living in a contemporaryHomes & Condos for Sale in Surrey condo that offers instantaneous relaxation the minute you step through the entrance. Of course, up to date spaces are open and capacious so the magnetism element is there as well.


If you are a social being, modern sitting rooms also offer an alluring atmosphere for visitors to unwind and feel right at residence. At the same time, there is something much cherished about the design of contemporary spaces that even concealed individuals feel comfortable with.


But factual modern spaces will furthermore take into factor what matters most to the present homeowner: environmentally cognizant lifestyles. The prospect to live in green buildings is like a diamond in the dark, because it will let you to combine your fervor for lavishness and style with energy efficient, ecologically aware facilities.


Location does matter!


You might think that finding a home positioned conveniently close to where you work is the bonanza. In several cases this can be true, but you should also take into thought where you do other things as well. It helps to formulate a list of what you do on an everyday basis, especially the places you go. Also ask if it is probable to go to new places if they were nearer.


If you can find homes & condos for sale in Surrey that are situated near leisure, shopping and other activities, this is a great discover The more journey you can cut out of your daily schedule, the more time you will have to unwind and just enjoy your new residence! A grand location can also help increasing the resale values thus making selection of a great location important.


Basic Amenities included in condos for sale


Talking about convenience, many modern condos and homes offer top notch facilities. These amenities can include energy competent appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators, concealed underground parking, health centers and even a dedicated children's play ground.


So, if you want to get all these facilities at the right price, you must find the best real estate agent in Surrey who can assist you in making a smart property deal.

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Do know when people start calling a real estate agent the best realtor agent? If you reside in Surrey and want to buy a new home in your favorite location, then you must have the answer. Only a best real estate agent can help out in finding the right property at right price. The role of a property dealer is really crucial when it comes to deal with multiple types of real estate.


But how will you simplify the task of finding homes for buying, selling in Surrey? Let us explain you why you must seek help from a reputed real estate agent to make the right property deal.


Property listings can be helpful in finding a nice home in your preferred localityHomes for Buying Selling Surrey


A professional realtor maintains a list of properties of all ranges. It is a kind of database where he saves information about properties across the city and helps his clients to make the most lucrative deals. He lists those properties on his own or might hire someone to do the same on his behalf. So, he has knowledge of every property within the city. So, when you approach to him, he takes no time to find the most suitable house for your, that too within your budget.


Pre-approved mortgage loans


Once your best realtor agent manages to find a suitable home for you, he will help you in getting pre-approved mortgage loans. You don’t have to hop on from one financial company to another credit firm. Your real estate agent will do it. He can manage to get it done swiftly as he has earned fame and goodwill to convince others on behalf of his clients. His track record is his credential.


Evaluation of property is done efficiently


It is really imperative to evaluate and inspect a home before buying or selling. This tiresome task can be smoothly handled by an experienced realtor as he knows how to do it in the most skilled manner. So, you must certainly rely on your realtor when it dealing with homes for buying selling in Surrey. This is not a joke. A property dealer knows his job and makes sure every task is done with sheer perfection as his own goodwill depends on the positive feedbacks of his esteemed clients.


Negotiating to get the right value


Only a real estate agent of a good repute has the confidence to deal with customers, be it sellers or buyers. He is the person who is responsible to negotiate with home buyers so that his clients, who want to sell their properties, can make a good profit. He will definitely negotiate with both the parties so that everyone gets benefited out of the deal. This is sheer magic of his salesmanship. Isn’t it?


Being a real estate agent, I too try my best to help my clients make smart property deals according to their needs and budget.

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The new down payment rules are in full effect. Those purchasing homes above $500,000 will be required to put 10% down on any additional amount above $500,000. Home buyers who purchase homes below $500,000 will see no change. Homes above $1,000,000 require 20% down payment. This is a much better solution than the minimum 10% down payment to $1,000,000 that was under consideration.

While this might sound like a significant change, less than 1 in 10 first time homebuyers in Canada purchase a home valued at more than $500,000 and a substantial amount of those buyers put more than 5% down.

So who does it affect? It’s targeted at buyers in larger Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Our government appears to be trying to slow down the real estate market in larger cities and manage their risk regarding CMHC insured mortgages. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) confirmed that real estate prices across the country have risen 18% year over year but if Vancouver and Toronto were removed, the increase is at a more sustainable rate of 5.4%.

Lenders are gearing up for the spring market with competitive rates and real estate inventory is beginning to grow in most markets. Whether you are looking for your first home, your dream home or an investment, now is the time to get a mortgage pre-approval and lock in your rate.

Call 604-357-3838 or email me today.


Neeraj Sood

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The School District 36 Surrey oversees roughly 120 public elementary and secondary schools. It is the largest school district in all of British Columbia. There are currently 99 public elementary schools and 21 public high schools.

There are also private schools such as Holy Cross High School, Pacific Academy, Southridge School, Regent Christian Academy, and Surrey Christian.

Currently there are about 63,036 students who are in public or private schools.

Surrey is also home to the Surrey Campus of Simon Fraser University. The Newton town centre of Surrey hosts the main campus of the Kwantlen University College. Surrey also has five campuses of Surrey College, a certificate- and diploma-granting technical school.

Simon Fraser University
SFU's programs are organized in six faculties: Applied Sciences, Arts and Social Sciences, Business Administration, Education, Health Sciences, and Science. Simon Fraser University has been rated as Canada's best comprehensive university (1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000) in the annual rankings of Maclean's magazine and has consistently placed at or near the top of the publication's national evaluations.

Kwantlen University College is a comprehensive undergraduate university with four campuses located in the South Fraser region of British Columbia's Lower Mainland. Kwantlen offers bachelor's degrees, associate degrees, diplomas, certificates and citations in over 135 programs. The College also provides over 25 services to help students succeed in their studies. More than 17,000 students annually attend Kwantlen campuses in Surrey, Richmond and Langley. A new campus, the Trades and Technology Centre, opened April 2007.

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Surrey has often been called a “city of cities,” a patchwork of communities stretching from the strip malls of rootin’ tootin’ Newton to the rodeo clowns of Cloverdale and the seaside cottages at Crescent Beach. Six town centres — Whalley, Newton, Guildford, Fleetwood, Cloverdale and South Surrey — sprawl across a land mass big enough to hold Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby combined.

Each is separated by streams, rivers and one third of Metro Vancouver’s agricultural land, and each bears its own social, cultural and economic challenges.

But as Surrey transforms into a city set to rival Vancouver in population by 2040 (a projected 766,000 people each), city officials are wrestling with how to shape and stitch those centres together and provide residents with what they need to live, work and play in each.

“Surrey is geographically a large city; people forget that sometimes,” said Jean Lamontagne, city general manager of planning and development. “It’s like cities within a city.”

Whalley, for instance, has long been the bane of Surrey jokes, associated with gangs, crime and hookers, but is in the midst of change as part of it is developed into a walkable, transit-oriented downtown, renamed City Centre.

Newton, with its strip malls and big Indo-Canadian population, is Surrey’s densest town centre, with easy access to Highway 10, King George Boulevard and the Alex Fraser Bridge.

South Surrey has a robust arts community and well-heeled seniors population. Cloverdale has retained its small-town heart while creating a dense urban neighbourhood in nearby Clayton. And Guildford and Fleetwood, located along bustling 152nd Street, are transforming from single-family neighbourhoods into robust economic centres.

“To go from the north to the south you travel through these pastoral lands yet you’re still in the middle of an urban city, it’s fairly unique in that respect,” Surrey Coun. Linda Hepner said. “You don’t generally, within a city, have both rural and urban in such a huge land mass.”

Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts maintains that, for too long, people equated Whalley with Surrey, giving the entire city a black eye. But that’s starting to change, she said, as people realize what her city has to offer.

Housing in Surrey is still affordable compared with cities such as Vancouver. Schools continue to be built to serve the growing student population, which is the biggest in B.C.

Parks, walking and bicycle trails are being expanded, while the city continues to build and upgrade recreation centres and libraries and has the largest number of artificial sports fields in the province.

“People really are certainly looking at Surrey in terms of what it has to offer,” she said. “Thousands of people are choosing to come here and choosing to raise their families here.”

But the city has work to do if it truly wants to reach big-city status: Despite its size, Surrey has few high-end restaurants, lounges or entertainment venues. There are just three live theatre venues: the Bell Centre for Performing Arts, Chandos Pattison Auditorium and Surrey Arts Centre.

Anita Huberman, president of the Surrey Board of Trade, said one local company has 70 employees under the age of 30, but most live in Vancouver and don’t stick around after work.

“There’s nothing for them to do here. There needs to be a strategic focus to try to somehow drive that part of the entertainment industry,” Huberman said. “We need more high-end industry, lounges ... look at the Fairmont Pacific Rim (in Vancouver), you can have a drink, listen, talk; we need more of that type.”

Although areas of South Surrey, such as Morgan Crossing, are starting to attract more high-end restaurants, Huberman said the rest of the city is distinctly lacking in them.

She noted Surrey’s vision for the City Centre — which the city is developing as a second Metro downtown to Vancouver’s downtown — includes a performing arts centre, which would offer a mix of live theatre, performances and alternative art forms. She said a proposed casino resort in South Surrey, which was rejected by council last week, would have provided a much-needed entertainment venue.

“As Surrey becomes the region’s largest metropolitan areas, we need state-of-the-art elegant spaces for arts, events, theatres and more,” Huberman has said.

City officials plan to start updating town centre plans this year, some of which are 10 years old. The challenge is how to serve those communities — where 43 per cent of residents have a mother tongue other than English — while retaining their unique characteristics. Areas like Guildford, for instance, may need more child care facilities, while South Surrey and Fleetwood may need more senior support services.

“Each town centre is separate in themselves,” Watts said. “With each one we’re identifying what these needs are. That’s the challenge. It’s about building the metropolitan core in the downtown but also ensuring we have linkages to each of the town centres.”

Work has already started on some projects, such as aquatic centres with Olympic-sized pools for Guildford and South Surrey, a covered youth park and recreation centre in Cloverdale, the new Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre in Whalley, a 1,600-seat art theatre for South Surrey, and walking and cycling trails across the city.

Surrey has been able to keep pace with its rapid growth because of a $400-million Build Surrey program, launched in 2009 to boost the economy and provide amenities in the town centres. The program is unique, Lamontagne said, noting Vancouver did something similar during the 2010 Olympics to replace aging infrastructure at Riley Park. Surrey’s efforts, however, are more comprehensive.

Surrey’s transformation has already started in the new City Centre, at King George Boulevard and 102nd Avenue. A Bing-Thom-designed library, Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus, and new City Hall have helped shape the area into a walkable, transit-oriented downtown core. Surrey Memorial Hospital’s new outpatient centre, and the new precinct for the RCMP’s B.C. headquarters, buffer the development.

But, Hepner noted, “there are gaps.” Surrey is putting in more ice surfaces this year at the Fleetwood arena, partly because it’s more economical to add ice to an existing complex. Yet new ice is needed in Cloverdale. While the entire city can use the Fleetwood arena, it’s a fair drive from Cloverdale.

Lamontagne maintains the city considers the projections for all areas before deciding what gets built where. He noted recreation centres and libraries are crucial as they provide meeting spaces for residents.

While all six town centres will see increased densification, it will be at different degrees.

“Some people prefer the dense urban environment in the City Centre while others want to be by the ocean in Crescent Beach,” Lamontagne said. “There are different neighbourhoods that will attract people with different tastes.”

The City Centre, for instance, will maintain single-family homes on the periphery of the downtown core, while other communities will include a mix of townhouses, apartments and basement suites to ensure housing remains affordable.

Only Guildford and possibly South Surrey’s Semiahmoo Centre, both of which are on 152nd Street and have shopping malls and strong bus service, are tapped to potentially be transformed into high-density town centres similar to the City Centre in the next decade.

But that’s dependent on Surrey getting the rapid transit it needs, Lamontagne said.

Surrey is highly transit-deficient compared with Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby and Richmond. An express B-Line is slated to run along King George to Newton’s transit depot, but Watts’s transit wish list is more ambitious.

She wants light rail to run along 104th Avenue between Guildford and City Centre in Whalley; along King George Highway from Whalley to Newton (and eventually to South Surrey); and along Fraser Highway between the City Centre and Langley. Streetcars are pitched for Cloverdale, with rapid buses or community shuttles to fill in the gaps.

TransLink has made Surrey a high priority for better transit, but is struggling to find the money for it. Surrey is also facing competition from the much-denser Vancouver, which wants transit dollars to put rapid transit along the crowded Broadway corridor. Watts argues Surrey, which gives $164 million annually to TransLink, should get something in return.

“We’re shaping the city and the infrastructure is absolutely key at this point in time to ensure people are getting out of their cars and not being car-dependent,” Watts said. “The sooner we get that infrastructure in place the better.”

Gordon Price, of Simon Fraser University’s City program, agreed, noting Metro Vancouver’s original regional growth plan has called for Surrey’s six town centres to be linked by transit since the 1940s.

He noted Surrey’s low density and the original Port Mann Bridge created “motordom,” with families living on large lots, driving to work at industrial parks or into downtown Vancouver. The transit system, he said, was designed for the young, old and the disabled — not the regular commuter.

But Surrey has taken steps to urbanize and densify its City Centre and made a strong pitch for light rail. “Its aspirations are very different now,” Price said. “That’s where the fastest growth is and what they’re doing south of the Fraser is more important than what’s happening in Vancouver.”

Guildford, he said, has tremendous potential to become another Oakridge, with densification and light rail fanning out across the city. But if transit doesn’t come soon, drivers would be tempted to stay in their cars, especially with the newly widened Highway 1 and Port Mann Bridge nearby.

“We’ve got a critical moment to shape the fastest-growing city in the region,” Price said. “Everybody should get behind Surrey. The stakes for Surrey are just as high as it’s ever been.”

The disparity is evident across the region. Whalley, and the new City Centre, is better off than most, with four SkyTrain stations — Gateway, Scott Road, Surrey Central and King George. But critics argue those stations only serve to help people get in and out of Surrey to other parts of Metro, and not to other points within the city. There are buses, but they are few and infrequent.

Meanwhile, Surrey is working on other forms of transportation in the town centre strategies.

City officials plan to develop 75 kilometres of greenway trails, which will be used to connect many of the town centres through bikes and walking paths. Off-road trails in Green Timbers, and power line right-of-ways in Newton and Fleetwood, are also potential pathways that could be developed as part of the greenways plan.

Lamontagne said while the City Centre is developing, the city hasn’t lost sight of its plans to remain the City of Parks. From the new Central City tower, next to the SFU campus, one can see the Fraser River, Green Timbers Urban Park and even the North Shore mountains.

“It’s interesting because you can see a lot of green.”

Credit: ksinoski@vancouversun.com

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