One of the primary attractions of any neighborhood is that of green space. The more parks and outdoor recreational facilities are available, the better that space can be. Fleetwood, Surrey, has a wealth of greenspace and outdoor activities to provide fun, enjoyment and relaxation for the entire family. Here is an overview of a few great parks available to residents looking to enjoy their new Fleetwood real estate.


Fleetwood Park

The largest and best known of our parks, Fleetwood Park is named for the city and the Fleetwood family, who owned much of the park land in the early 20th century. First opened in the 1930s, it features forested trails, a natural creek and tons of opportunities for family fun. Among these are picnic facilities, a playground and a water playground. Fleetwood Creek offers an opportunity to spot fish and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Be considerate when visiting: the area is very valuable as a natural preserve.


Walnut Park

Located at 16175-80A Avenue, right next to Walnut Road Elementary School, this park features both a vast open green space and a natural forested area. There are many walking trails which lead to scenic picnic areas. If you are looking for a nice, quiet day out, this picturesque park will deliver exactly what you need.


Charles Richardson Nature Reserve

This natural preserved space is a habitat for many native birds, fish and mammals in the region. The most significant portion of the reserve features a wetland habitat where the Serpentine River meets the Swanson Brook. This reserve features designated walkways and paths to which visitors are confined, so as to avoid disturbing the area ecology. It features excellent bird and game viewing.


Francis Park

Named after Edith Francis, one of the founders of the community of Fleetwood, this park honors her community spirit and contributions. It is located at the Fleetwood Community Centre and Library. This park features a 300m long walking loop that is very popular with locals. The space also features lots of greenery and benches as well as tons of exercise and playground equipment.


Bel Air Park

Dedicated in 1986, the purpose of this park is to simply add more green space for the neighborhood. It features a peaceful and scenic walking path and access to Hemlock Park.


Hemlock Park

Located at the end of the Bel Air walking trail, Hemlock Park is a gorgeous forested area that was added to the city in 1933. The large urban forest includes a number of beautiful evergreen trees including the Douglas fir, western red cedar and, of course, the hemlock trees for which the park is named. It features a ton of walking trails that provide a great natural escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


These are just a few of the thirty gorgeous parks located around the area of Fleetwood, Surrey BC. If you are looking to purchase new Fleetwood real estate, check out our buying and selling guides, and give us a call to start the search for your dream home today!

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