You purchased your first home, enjoyed a few years, or many. But now the time has come to sell. Deciding to sell your first home can be very emotional and, in a market where it seems as if buyers always have the upper hand, you may be feeling apprehensive. The Vancouver market is booming — selling your home can be very profitable. Use these tips for the first time home seller to catch top dollar offers for your home. 


1. Do Not Disclose Your Motivation

Homeowners sell for many reasons — some positive, others negative. You may have all the time in the world to let your property sit on the market before it sells, or you may be in a bind and need to find buyers quickly.

Whatever your situation, you do not need to disclose that information to potential buyers. Many people who know they are dealing with a highly motivated homeowner will lowball their offers in the attempt to catch a steal, only to walk away when you counter with a more reasonable price. Your home is for sale; that is all the information shoppers need to know.


2. Price Competitively

Take the time to thoroughly study the local market and have your home appraised before you send out a listing. Your property value may have changed dramatically since you first purchased the home. You want to set a price that is competitive with other houses of the same worth in the area. A fair price will snag multiple offers, increasing the final amount at which the home sells.


3. Stage Properly

One of the most important steps in the home selling process is staging. Preparing your home to do well on the market will make it appealing to many potential buyers, inside and out. Take the time to declutter your house and property, tossing or donating all of the items that you no longer use or need. Clean your entire house to the best of your ability, hiring professionals if necessary. Buyers love neutral colors, and purchasing some fresh paint to redo your walls will make your home shine as if it were new.


4. Market Online

The internet is by far the most successful way to quickly place your home on the market. Real estate sites make it possible for sellers to list a property with the click of a button. Put your best foot forward with your ads, really play up the greatest features of your home as selling points. Use pictures that show your home at its very best, and include multiple seasons if necessary. Remember, your listing is the buyer’s very first impression of your home — make it a good one!


5. Offer Incentives

Buyers love incentives. Including good appliances, the offer of covering closing costs and agreeing to complete renovations or upgrades can help you catch a quick sell. You may end up spending more money than you would like, but these incentives are investments that pay off on closing day.

Using a professional real estate agent to help you sell your property will ensure you have an excellent experience. Fleetwood Homes are professional home marketers who are guaranteed to draw the very best offers on your property. For more information, visit our selling page and contact a Fleetwood real estate representative.   


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