Condos or Condominiums as they are popularly known as is indeed a different concept. Just like the regular ads like Flats for sale in Surrey, Homes & condos for sale in Surrey have also started popping up. Here are a few things that you need to take into consideration prior to investing in homes or condos.


Know what condo is


Since the term condo bears special resemblance to several types of accommodations, it is often misunderstood. Condo in its real form simply means a shared ownership of a real estate property which means a condo can take any physical form, though the most common is in the form of clustered apartments. In nutshell, Condo means a specific portion of the property that is individually owned while there is a joint ownership of other parts and facilities.


Does Condo Living Suits You


Condos are recommended for people seeking to spend their retired life. Also people who would like to spend their vacations in a specific place, buying a condo is indeed a better option than buying a single family home, since they don’t have to think about maintenance and other additional works around home when they are away. In cities like Surrey, where there is huge population, Condo living is a great proposition for families who wish to spend their vacation in Home Town.


Ownership cost


The purchase price is not the ownership cost only. You need to spend more on yearly maintenance and other fees as decided by the association from time to time. Any kind of development expenditure in the future will be shared by the residents. Check out MLS Listings Surrey prior to making an investment.


Additional Factors


In addition to other factors, one needs to look into things that are common for buying any type of property including the builder’s repute, years in the business, setting and legal compliances. It is advised that you compare at least 5 similar projects rather than focusing on a single property. This comparison gives you ample choice and helps you make a well informed decision.

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