Summertime is officially here, and there’s no better way to celebrate your new Fleetwood real estate purchase than to have friends over for a barbecue or other summer party event. The trickiest part about entertaining in the summer can be coming up with fun and easy ideas for that gathering of friends and family. Fear not! Here are a few great and easy summer party ideas.


The Piñata

This is an idea that never goes out of style, but one which fewer folks are thinking about these days. There are few things more fun than a rain of candy, and the act of putting on that blindfold and breaking that hanging treasure trove of candy. While this is usually thought of as an activity for kids’ birthday parties, even adults can have loads of fun with this simple party game.


Fruit Ice Cubes

This can be a really easy and fun accent for your holiday gathering. Add small fruit to your ice cube tray—raspberries, blueberries, lemon, lime, orange, or even sliced bananas. When you use those cubes to chill a drink, they’ll add a splash of fun flavor that will improve just about any beverage!


Show a Movie

Sometimes at the height of the day, the sun just gets too sweltering outside and everyone wants to hit the comfort of the Air Conditioned indoors. Try hooking up a projector to your laptop or Blu-Ray player and projecting a streaming movie onto a screen. You can make a screen by stretching a bedsheet, or by just using an empty, white wall. Pop up some popcorn and have a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your own home!

For a really fun idea, wait till the sun goes down and move the party outdoors! Erect a screen right in the backyard, stretch out some blankets, and plug in your laptop, speakers and projector for a drive-in style summer festival!


Make a Banner

A colorful banner adds a sense of fun and whimsy to any outdoor gathering. Best of all, these can be very inexpensive to create! A quick web search will turn up tons of options for flag patterns, which you can print onto colored paper, cut out, tape together and hang wherever you like. There’s no need to spend tons of money at the party store—all you need is paper, scissors, tape and your imagination!


Mood Lighting

When the sun goes down, nothing illuminates the night like the orange glow of torches and candles. Place Tiki torches around the yard and line your swimming pool with white candles. These flickering lights will add a touch of elegance, class and sophistication to your party. Just be very careful to place them away from areas where accidents can start! Safety always comes first!


Getting creative with your summer party can make even the most low-key affair a memorable experience. Especially if you are new to the community, these ideas can help you to settle into the Fleetwood area with style and flair. If you are ready to move into this gorgeous community, check out our buyers’ page and then give us a call today to get started finding your dream home. 

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